Saturday, October 31, 2009

How long should a blood clot last after tooth extraction?

Hi! I had a tooth extraction 8 days ago and now, my blood clot may be gone... I'm not sure because I can't see very well into the extraction site. I don't really feel pain or anything though.I'm just wondering how long a blood clot generally needs to last after a tooth extraction. Any help would be really appreciated.
the blood clot is the foundation for healing. Healing involves formation of bone in the former site of the tooth. So there isn't an exact timeframe of how long a blood clot should stay in a post-operative extraction site.I'm just wondering though...8 days and it's still open? Do you have any systemic issues? (bleeding disorders, hypertension, diabetes) I think you might want to consult with the dentist that extracted your tooth.
You may want to ask your doctor that question. The blood clot usually forms the next layer of skin. You may not feel pain now but have you had anything cold or hot to drink lately?
Ive never heard of that, Ive always heard blood clots are bad news, you don't want them, I would check with your dentist.

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