Sunday, October 25, 2009

How does a dentist fix a chipped tooth?

It's not a very big chip, and I'm terrified (diagnosed phobia terrified) of the dentist. Can my dentist fix it? It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just kind of annoying/unsettling when I run my tongue over it. Will it eventually wear down like sealants (those thingies that are applied over your teeth to prevent cavities)?
It is very similar to a sealant. I had on of my back teeth chipped and they basically cover it in artificial enamel, just like during a filling. It doesn't hurt so don't worry, and when I did it, I didn't even have to use a needle, so no worries there!
No, nothing they can really's not that big of a deal, but if you're superficial, all they'll have to go is put some of that filling stuff on drills, no needles, lol.
I had the same type thing happen %26 the dentist was able to contour the chipped tooth with a file rather than filling it in, etc. It didn't hurt at all! But I guess that would depend on how big the chip is. Hope this helps!
Well, depending on the size and severity of the chip...1. Tooth colored bonding
2. Veniers
3. Root canal and crownThese options are from least invasive to most invasive, depending on the severity
if it don't hurt they will just round it off so it don't hurt if it is really bad they will just drill it like they would to round it if and then put some composite on it so that it looks normal. each time i have had mine fixed i end up chipping off the composite with in a couple of months, but it really depends on which tooth it is.
They cement over top a crown takes about an hour and half. the worst part is keeping our mouth open.
Depending on the size of the chip, your dentist may be able to simply file down the rough edges to smooth them out. No injection is involved and it shouldn't take long at all!If it's the sound of the handpiece (drill) that freaks you out, bring earplugs/headphones/ipod with you...If the dentist feels a filling should be placed, you could always request a pre-medication (either from him or your MD) to take prior to the visit. It'll calm you, and you'll have your tooth repaired in no time!Good Luck! :)
I agree wity CDA~NY. The detist can give you a sedative pill to calm you during the visit, but for a small chip it's really not necessary because it won't hurt. As for the chip, it can be smooth out with a white stone bur or composite filling material can be placed on it, but it sounds like you just need it to be smoothed out.
I agree with CDA-NY. The thing I would be concerned about is Why it chipped...It may be that you are grinding your teeth called bruxism. This can lead to further problems like recession, TMJ disorder and larger broken teeth. A dentist can assess if this is your problem, by looking at your bite or occlusion. A simple plastic BIte Guard can be made to wear at night. This will prevent you from future pain that as a phobic you definately want to avoid. See your dentist and good luck!
Yep, they can just file it a little. It won't hurt and they won't have to numb you. I chipped one of my front teeth years ago and it wasn't a big deal to get filed.

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