Sunday, October 25, 2009

How does baking soda help whiten my teeth?

i know it works really well. there was visible difference just after two brushings. i am just wondering about how it works. will it wear down my teeth or something? also, should i continue using whitening toothpaste even after my teeth is white enough?
whitening toothpaste does work well(i like rambrant) and yes you should use whitening toothpaste even if teeth are white enough...even if you drink dark soda red wine and cofffee:) but if in doubt you can also try crest whitestrips...they work really well...i use them and i see patients who come into my office and i notice a difference in the whiteness of there teeth as well
December lied. The baking soda alone does help but the real thing can scratch the teeth. People don't recommend it unless its in a toothpaste, but by itself no.
Hello,Just you should continue using whitening toothpast regularly. please login our website and get some useful tips for whitening teeth.

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