Sunday, October 25, 2009

How does benzocaine work?

Like, for example, when the dentist is about to give you a shot, he / she will swab the gum with the benzocaine, and it numbs it almost instantly. How does it do it?
Pain is caused by the stimulation of nerve endings. When the nerve endings are stimulated, sodium enters the nerve ending, which causes an electrical signal to build up in the nerve. Once the electrical signal becomes big enough, it is able to travel to the brain, which then interprets this as pain.Benzocaine works as a chemical barrier, stopping the sodium from being able to enter the nerve ending.
it has some pain reliever
Its used in more places than the dentist's office babe
The benzocaine binds to nerves which signal doing so, when something painful happens the signal can't go through because it's being blocked. Basically pain is transferred to the brain by chemical signals and benzocaine blocks those signals.
i thought that was just to clean the skin..
Skin cleaner is benzoyl peroxide.Benzocaine is an amide anesthetic (as opposed to an ester anesthetic, which is injected).It works like other anesthetics by blocking the "proton pump" in the nerve channel.Benzocaine works best on the surface of dry tissue, which is why it will numb gums but not teeth. It is used primarily to numb the gums prior to injection with a needle.

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